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Rich 11,

'... They can campaign for yet another referendum, of course -- that's democracy. '

Hate to tell you this ..... BUT that is anything but democracy.

Our political system does NOT support 'campaigning' for a referendum.

It is a delusion of the 'people who are BETTER than the leave voters' that you just keep complaining until you get what you want and then you call it democracy.

Once again a thread has been highjacked to roll out all the same opinions and statements that because of 'X Y Z reasons' the original result is invalid and it should be ignored.

What you really mean is ..... I do not like the result so change it somehow so I can get the result 'I' want.

Any action that changes the result even if disguised as another referendum will demonstrate there is NO DEMOCRACY in the UK.

Such a pity that all this effort is spent on trying to overturn the original result and 0% effort spent on getting the best result possible seeing that the Govt has been obliged, by its own words, to follow the result of the referendum 'IT' organised and ran.

When we have a General Election and 'I' do not like the result I am expecting all the Remainers to support my efforts to change the result because I know better and my opinion is 'better' than yours !!!

Not only do we have politicians that are 'worthless' but the a large part of the electorate have got what they so clearly deserve with their selfish 'me 1st' attitudes, namely a set so called representatives who place Party before Country and only care about the voters *when* their votes are valuable to them.

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