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2.4Ghz drone operation!

This kit isn't using FM/AM/VHF for it's flight modes ….. is it?

I know these things use a kind of modified proprietary protocol while in use

Don't the manufacturers have to provide specific details on how to track them?

I'm into model boats, and have one fitted with a telemetry system that reports back to a computer/phone/website which ever I want

I've sniffed the packets from it and the data contains the serial no, last 2000 location points and obviously telemetry data (speed/heading/duration)

OK, so all of that can be spoofed, but the original data is hard coded into my device, even if I make s/w changes to it

Therefore it sends the real & fake info (which I thought drones did as well)

I'm guessing the suspects aren't creating their own network covering the entire airside operation

(or are they)?

Well they must be pretty clever and quite numerous people needed and tonnes of kit

Is it a DJI or better make if there is one (Don't DJI have a real time method of monitoring ALL their products)

I'll bet that they do, so why arn't the manufacturers assisting with the loction tracking data

There must be an easier answer than closing thee airport

Put me in charge of protecting our airports and you'll never see another drone within 5 miles of the perimeter fence

Or did I get this totally wrong and it is actually cheaper to send in a couple of thousand coppers in the dark. haha


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