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Switzerland has LOTS of referendums, hence women only getting full vote and the Country joining the UN at the END of the twentieth century. Yet their government can ditch a referendum result without "going back to the people" if it's deemed to be inherently stupid or impossible. See recent backtracking on EU free movement.

Also the "Free Movement" is really only about EU citizens, a small percentage of those coming to UK. The UK also gave MORE rights to EU people coming to UK with no job than needed and most other EU Countries. Also has been unable to tackle non-EU immigration. Except "low hanging fruit" with the toxic Home Office procedures that even break UK laws that are nothing to do with the EU.

The whole "EU free movement" is a red herring. The real issue is Offshore banking and money laundering, greater banking controls & transparency. To stop so called "legal" tax evasion and criminal activities. Decided on in 2016 and now law since January 2019. Cayman Is. Bahamas, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Channel Is (e.g. Jersey) all are non-compliant. Norway, Switzerland, Ireland & Luxembourg are. Singapore, Panama and other territories not connected to UK are ion track to be compliant. It's also an OECD thing.

The City of London generates very little wealth. It, the UK Overseas/Crown Colonies/Dependencies are parasites siphoning off money out of the UK and other countries. That's why Apple and Eircom have moved from Dublin to Jersey.

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