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It's not that we won't be able to do that, it's that we won't be able to do it at the same commercially advantageous terms that we have now for trading within and without of the EU.

We're a net importer of just about everything. We have no bargaining chips on our own as we don't have anything anyone wants in return - no coal, steel, oil, etc. Our largest single private sector - banking - is the size it is precisely because it's in the unique position of being in the EU but not having to play by all the rules that the German or French markets have.

Despite what the Leave crowd seem to think, Britain is not a global power now. It hasn't been since the sun finally set on the Empire with the Suez crisis. There will be no return to the imperial past, no restoration of power, mainly because the world is now defined by trading clout. The only three players in that game are China, the US, and the EU.... and we're leaving the EU.

Once the dust has eventually settled from all this, we'll still be trading with everyone, but everything will be a lot more expensive. Everything... because even the things we produce domestically rely on imported goods or services to facilitate.

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