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"We get it, you're an apple shill." well, you don't seem to get anything (which is a case in point with my opposition to the "idiot" in the term "idiot tax" as not being extended to other people as well).

The thing is, there are situations and even whole lives in which one doesn't need to use a smartphone or have one on one's person, but they are rare. Requests to employers, for example, to limit the necessity of carrying a smartphone are quickly dismissed by people like you, who don't understand what's going on, and who take a smartphone being firmy attached to one's person as a preset fact of life (just like a TV set or two at home were a standard not even a decade ago, and one could meet a human being every day who simply wouldn't believe that other human does not have one at home at all).

So if you take a step or two back, and try looking at the problem along the lines of "I don't want a smartphone on me all the time, but I'm forced to carry one for one reason or another", you are out of your black and white world of Android fanbois and, to use your own term, apple(sic) shills. (I understand at this point that it is very difficult to accept, or even imagine, that such a fellow human can exist at all, you needn't worry, vast majority of Europeans is like that). And in such a case there is a very poor and sad choice available - Android or Apple. And since you (and your thumb-uppers) consider personalised and on-topic rebuttals as a mantra, you lot are free to look up the explanation why Android is worse off in this scenario elsewhere in this forum.

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