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Re: @AC "wouldn't be common freakin' sense to not surf dodgy websites at work?"

So, MCMLXV, I'm a self-centered twat for commenting on topic, relating life experience from a few dozen years in IT? Presumably, all the other ElReg commentards who have similarly commented in this thread are also self-centered twats? That's a mighty wide brush you tar with, pardner.

And what's wrong with wild-caught yeast? I've caught yeast in London (city of), Manhattan and Toronto. They all make good bread, with slightly different rise times, flavo(u)rs and textures. You have an issue with that? Maybe you should try learning to bake bread (as many of the techies here profess to do!), you might discover you enjoy sharing the fruits of your labo(u)rs with your nearest & dearest. Much better than finding fault with a meaningless poster on an obscure Internet forum, no?

Not sure what the name of a town that existed over 100 years before I was born has to do with your rant. But I'm sure you can elucidate. Perhaps without the ad-hom this time?

Hint: Search on "wild caught yeast" in the search engine of your choice. Yes, it even works in your favo(u)rite massive conurbation.

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