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Most modern phones are UTTER BILGE CRAP !!!

A REAL phone is IP-68 and Mil-Spec 810-G ruggedized and made out of CNC-milled block Titanium.

It comes with a REMOVABLE 25,000 mAh Thin Film Lithium-Ion battery that runs an AMD Ryzen 2500u or 2700u Laptops-quality processor with INTEGRATED Radeon Vega-8/9 GPU that UTTERLY BLOWS AWAY any Apple or Android product!

A REAL smartphone has an SDR (Software Defined Radio) modem and dsp chip and high-end multi-spectral Fractal antenna that has Edge/2G/3G/4G/5G/RF Shortwave/AM/FM/Iridium Satellite/Wifi frequency handling AND has 64 Gigabytes of SYSTEM RAM and a built-in 4 TB SSD drive PLUS two USB-3.1 ports and TWO Displayport connections in addition to two 512 Gigabyte SD card slots and two SIM card slots AND TWO 3.5mm audio jacks!

It also has a 2x Optical zoom DCI 8k (8192x4320) pixel 2/3rds inch 16-bits per RGB channel HDR image sensor with 30 fps 8k and 60 fps 4K RAW and Interframe compressed video capture and a DCI 4K (4096x2160) pixel HDR display running at 120 Hz refresh rate for BEST QUALITY VR and GAMING experiences.

THAT is a REAL SMARTPHONE and NOT these pussyfoot Apple and Android fashionista phones!

I want the FULL-RUGGED Mil-Spec Deal for MY Phone! Not some 20-something's Avocado Toast phone!


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