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Not even top 10....

Ain't got the cachet any more (pretty much Huawei at that end) or the RMB price tag to match.

Recent Chinese market rankings I have....

1. Vivo (Chinese Dongguan - oh wait Huawei just opened up a new co-HQ there - other being Shenzhen)

2. Oppo (also Chinese Guangdong)

3. Honor - Huawei's lower market brand

4. Huawei (I spoke to several of their senior management in Shenzhen - their objective was to be better than Apple not cheaper) - see previous one for cheaper

5. Xiaomi - no surprise

6. Meizu - also Chinese

7. OnePlus - Shenzhen

8. Lenovo - go on IBM have a cry

9. Qiku - Shenzhen - anyone want a qiku one?

10. Smartisan - Beijing

Ummm. who is missing?

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