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Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook


Eye Popping Price

Apple almost but not quite jumped the shark on the pricing.

We did not upgrade due to the eye watering price combined with no real new features other than a larger OLED (vs. X). Popped a new iFixit battery into the old 5S, added iCloud to the 5S, and even the old creaky low memory 5S is good to go on for another few years. Why is this? Because, unlike the nutty droid wankers, Apple actually updates their ecosystem firmware for quite a long time. Amortized over time (lots of shiny droids quickly becoming landfill because who wants a security hole vs. marching on with an iPhone), a single iPhone is actually more environmentally conscious and not much different in price. Rumor is that the next iPhone will have 3D imaging... that might make it worth considering, as the 5S is nearly end of support.

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