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Anonymous Coward

"Given the shit Windows was in back then" 2010-2012?

If you were speaking about 1991 you could have been right - but that was already Windows 7 time - things started to go the wrong again after Vista from 2012 onward, when MS released Windows 8.

And no, on a spec basis the cost of a Windows laptop and a Mac were and are roughly equal - just there is no low-end Apple hardware - and since now low-end and middle-level hardware is enough powerful for most users, and increasing the screen ppi gets you beyond eyes resolution, Apple find itself in a difficult position to justify its prices but the bling factor and easy upgrade path for current users.

They should thank Nadella, though, Windows 10 isn't exactly the version that could lure users away from macOS - not for big technical deficiencies, but for its ill-designed UI and Google-level data slurping.

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