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Patriotism [Was Re: Overpriced kit]

The mood in China has shifted from conspicuous consumption of luxury imports towards promoting the best of domestic product instead. Where once, flashing the new iPhone on launch day was seen as a sign of a successful and glamorous lifestyle, it's now frowned upon: why, goes the official line, is this person supporting an American company when there are Chinese businesses making mobile phones?

This phenomenon has also hurt car makers: Volkswagen, whose Audi brand was seen as the go-to show of wealth in the Middle Kingdom, has seen a massive drop in sales as customers shift to more socially-acceptable products instead. (nothing to do with diesel trickery: only petrol models were sold in China)

China's wealthy, like the wealthy everywhere, are acutely aware of which side their bread is buttered on (to use a culinarily-inappropriate metaphor...), so when the Central Committee suggests something, the wealthy and the upper middle-class tend to embrace the idea quickly and enthusiastically..

The current warmer of the desk chair in the Oval Office hasn't helped by using tariffs, but that only accelerated an existing process.

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