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What happens when a Royal Navy warship sees a NATO task force headed straight for it? A crash course in Morse

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NATO task force can't read Morse code?

I moved outside to the port bridge wing .. and found two signals ratings operating an Aldis signal lamp. One was pressing the key, opening and closing the shutters in front of the lamp to send a Morse code message to the New York

Not a lot of people know that, that's very interesting to know :]

I got the distinct impression that the Royal Navy values Morse code highly as a matter of professional pride.”

I read somewhere the the US had stopped teaching Morse in military school and instead use ship-to-ship texting to signal ship-to-ship, with a modified mobile phone. This would explain the failure of the ‘New York’ to read the Morse signal, they'd had little to no practice. Besides, assuming these devices have a high rate-of-fail they would have nothing to fall back on. Same with the rest of the technology used onboard the modern warship, especially when someone is trying to shoot holes in it.

without the power of technology, the various software suites (yes, even elderly versions of Windows XP) and endpoints .. virtually none of the Navy's work would be possible.”

We're all f**k*d :[

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