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Ditto with this guy. It's false. Gun crime is low and hasn't exploded. There was a change in statistic recording which made it appear as though crime has risen.

That was circa 2004. Gun Crime rose in real terms from the mid-90s through to 2003/4. The handgun prohibition had literally zero impact (handguns still the most popular criminal firearm - 44% of all firearm crime according to ONS figures in March 2018).

Gun crime dropped post 2004 when Operation Trident started getting results. It kept falling for a decade, then has picked up in the last couple of years as Policing efficacy has dropped due to austerity.

The change in reporting actually just made Trident look less effective than it was because the fall in gang-on-gang activity was made up for by the stupid practice of classing incidents as "firearm" if a firearm was thought to be involved, regardless of whether there any firearm was recovered or confirmed to be involved or not!

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