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In the late 1960s Grayshott Hall was basically a slimming farm for those with more money than sense but the need to maintain appearances, and I worked for the firm that got the lucrative contract to install and maintain brand-new colour TVs in all the rooms. Well the catch was that it was a polished shoes, shirt and tie job - even the vans had to be glistening. However our manager (the guy who snagged the contract) was one in a million, and obliged the hall to pay our cleaning costs and where necessary replacements - these TVs with the old shadow mask tubes were seriously heavy, and had lots of sharp edges. They then had to be converged once in place, which in itself was not a nice clean job.

I don't know quite how it happened, but we were also given clearance to take our breaks in the kitchens, where some rather exotic dishes were prepared. Indeed there was no 'ordinary' food at all - we all coped as best we could. These breaks could be quite long, as we needed supervisors to let us in the rooms, having checked they were empty and paying guests not likely to turn up unexpectedly. As we still had to run the regular business, we were sent there on a strict rotation to give everyone a fair chance.

I've never had such a good time since {sigh}

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