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London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


One thing that is absolutely certain in all of this, is that yet again peoples names have been released and published with no charges having been brought. Clearly the press has learnt nothing and been taught no long lasting lesson. Now these two people that were arrested and released without charge have had their names and photographs widely circulated by the press for something which they have nothing to do with. I hope they sue, they have every right.

As for drones, we need a change in law and we need a register with every drone having a unique number and that being registered against the owner with retailers legally obliged to see a drone registration card and register that drone with that person at the time of sale. In addition I think every airport needs to have a Rafael Drone Dome on-site with personnel on-site 24/7 who can be immediately deployed with the system to defend the airport against such events in the future. This is 2018 and this is the price of progress and its also an early warning of what may be to come and now is the time to react.

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