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Happened to me

I had a Suunto Vyper Air which had a series of issues not communicating with the air pressure sensor. It spent weeks in the shop, and I think it may have been sent back to Suunto. Anyway, the air pressure sensor was replaced, and I never had a problem since. I also became completely paranoid about air remaining.

However, the Vyper Air was the second computer I bought (I originally bought a Suunto Zoop). But I kept the Zoop and always dove with two computers. I also had a regular pressure gauge on my regulator. So I would dive with two pressure gauges (one regular, one on the Suunto Air), three depth gauges (two computers and a regular depth gauge), and two compasses (one digital compass in the Suunto Air and one analog compass).

At a minimum, one should always have a manual pressure gauge and a manual depth gauge, and always cross check an air-integrated dive computer with the manual air gauge every 5 minutes..

However, I haven't dived in several years.

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