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Let’s assume for the moment that we were to plan the perfect crime here. This is a fun game.

1) Communications

Don’t use ISM, instead use LTE and VPNs. It’s pretty cheap and easy to buy SIM cards and activate them in places like Romania without a postal address or even ID. Buy cards that works throughout Europe. They’re cheap enough and far more effective for ranged communication than 2.4. Additionally, jamming is a bigger problem as you can’t jam telephone signals at an airport during a crisis. In a place like England where people are dumb enough to vote Brexit and have fights in bars over children kicking balls around, it would cause riots.

2) Use 3D printed drones. Don’t buy commercial, they’re too expensive and too easy to track. Just download any of a hundred tested designs and order the parts from a hundred different Chinese shops.

3) Don’t design for automatic landing.

4) Add solar cells and plan ahead. Don’t try planting them yourself, instead, launch them 20 miles away from different sites and have them fly closer each day at low altitude until they are close.

5) Don’t depend on remote control. Write a program which uses GPS and AGPS to put on an “Animitronic Performance”. Then they can run for hours without fear of interference.

6) Stream everything to Twitch or something else anonymously. Send streams to Indonesian web sites or something like that instead.

I have to go shopping... but it would be fun to continue ... share your thoughts.

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