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But the source of those could be fun.. Especially as they were used to attack Syrian/Russian assets from ISIL controlled

Nope. Aleppo province. Our "good" guys. So actually, we can just ask a friendly "first responder" for the appropriate information.

Sadly, they don't have Pantsirs,

Theoretically, that is not such a bad idea as its ammunition is supposed to self-destruct at a fixed distance, same as on the Kashtan. Practically, I would not rely on that. 20mm autocannon is great at a military base with an exclusion area put in place after mortar attacks. Civilian airport - not so much.

It will be more interesting to see the spec of what was used in the World Cup or some of the latest Israeli toys. They are designed to operate in the middle of an inhabited area which is actually a hell of a design problem.

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