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The foamant/suppressant:water ratio's not fixed; In some circumstances they will bung a jug or two into the tank but in normal operation the suppressant is pulled into the stream from the jug by the venturi effect and there's a dial on the pump panel to set the ratio from a good few % down to zero. Similarly the nozzle can be adjusted anywhere from a pleasant mist to a concentrated stream.

The unit i've used the most was a 300gpm nozzle that we ran at 125psi and was quite capable of a good 200ft almost straight-up; Similar, general-purpose rigs go up to 1000gpm and 200psi, and airport monitors are more powerful still.

That said, they're not really designed for,"pew-pew," operation and actually hitting an object that's moving at any speed in 3D space would require some skill and a lot of luck, so it's probably more of a,"worth a punt," at best, than a definitive strategy ...

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