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"wheels damaged by leaves on the line"

Try this:

Damp leaves on the lines get squashed by train wheels and turn into a slippery goo.

Trains running on lines covered in slippery goo have even less adhesion than usual.

When brakes are applied on moving trains in the presence of slippery goo, wheels have a high probability of locking up.

A severe case of wheel lockup, if repeated enough, can lead to the creation of flat bits on the wheel circumference. Eventually if the flat bits are severe enough the wheels will need to be repaired.

So, the "wheel damage" bit isn't fake news; there's actual evidence, observed by many people.

Gitwick being closed for 2/3 days because of an alleged drone, that no one except representatives of the "authorities" has actually seen? That's a bit more like fake news.

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