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Operation Zenith?

Does Operation Zenith mean anything to anyone here?

And/or is it relevant but superinjuncted in an attempt to minimise media coverage?

Might we be watching a (failed?) demonstration/test of why Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, e.g. drones) are the new Next Big Thing, both as investment opportunities and for aviation law enforcement ?

"A critical function in any UTM solution is to provide visibility of who is currently in the sky and where. This includes both traditional (manned) air traffic, as well as unmanned traffic. Previous industry demonstrations have fallen short of being able to do this at such a scale because they rely on hardware modules and software which cannot be easily integrated into existing drones and control systems or have demonstrated only a single method of tracking drones which is not sufficient.

[redacted] is designed to circumvent such limitations by enabling Air Traffic Control, software developers, drone manufacturers and drone pilots to easily integrate the UTM platform into their operations, as is evidenced by the sheer breadth of partners who took part in Operation Zenith."


"On Wednesday 21st November 2018, to an exclusive delegation of over 120 influential people involved in the drone industry, [redacted], NATS, Manchester Airport and our delivery partners collectively and successfully staged “Operation Zenith”: the most comprehensive demonstration of a UTM platform’s ability to unlock the full potential of drones."

Just askin. Askin here 'cos I'm not brave enough to ask over at PPRUNE.

"Well done Parker"

"Thank you Milady."

"Get me Pendleton, Parker."

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