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"Stray bullets.. really?? what happens every bloody pheasant season??? surely a shotgun blast will suffice to bring the drone down.. like they do pheasants with minimal risk to the public??"

To be able to shoot down one of the drones, you need to be able to see it and be in range of it.

A shotgun, might be good enough, IF the drone is directly above the weapon used to shoot it down. Otherwise, the distance to the drone would be greater than it's altitude, if the shooter was on the ground - so the range is increased so a scatter gun approah won't work so well.

If you used a rifle and missed the bullet would travel in a trajectory that would eventually come down and could hit someone or something.

I think the best option is a helicopter (or three) patrolling the perimeter, and hanging from it/them, a large net strung across a wide pole. The choppers then just sweep around (as nothing is flying in the area as landings and take offs are suspended) and you'll catch the drones.

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