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And if we ask nicely, Russia may share data about the drones they've recovered.

They were very clear in their answer to Teresa May from about a month ago. It was blunt and to the point: "We do not deal with blackmailers" (*).

This attitude is also universal, shared by 80%+ of the country and likely to remain this way regardless who is in power there. For a few generations. Do not shoot the messenger - I am simply stating the realities of today. A request for assistance to Lucifer and Beelzebub is more likely to be heard than a request to Russia.

In any case, we simply cannot apply the method which was used in Syria, namely mess with GPS. Also, I believe the origin of the method is Iran which is even less likely to share its toys on it. Trying to give every flying thing the wrong idea about where the ground level is at a major airport.... Forget it.

Disclaimer: I speak both languages, have lived in both countries and can put a "neutral third party nationality" hat to observe the proceedings and swear at both parties using a third (native) language. So do not shoot the messenger - the message is what it is.

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