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London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones

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Why are they doing this?

Is it s remainer twat trying to make a point about Brexit?

Or is it someone pi$$ed at easyJet and has decided to take their revenge. (Gatwick North terminal is nearly all easyJet flights with a smattering of alternatives. )

I’d be properly angry at the drone operators if they ruined my plans I’d worked and saved all year to have.

This is a team of determined individuals doing this (apparently 2 drones spotted simultaneously over the airport) as the drones are flying for long durations in all weathers at great distance from their controllers they won’t be cheap commercial off the shelf stuff that you can buy of amazon.

There is a good possibility that these are state sponsored, given the few details about their capabilities. Hopefully the perpetrators are just trying and succeeding in scaring us, I’m a nervous flyer mostly out of Gatwick and this won’t help in my 2019 travel plans.

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