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I was at my first Trident Ploughshares camp meeting, and an Irish peace activist asked them for advice on how to shut down Shannon airport that was being used for US military overflights to Afghanistan. I replied, the first and only time I spoke at their meeting.

"Don't! Don't go onto the runway, don't interfere with air traffic control, you will be threatening the lives of innocents if you do. The one thing you could do to close down that airport is to surround it with a lot of dead fish. Airports can't operate when they are swarmed by seagulls".

Previously when my employer was contracted to BAA and the CAA I was on a flight that made an emergency landing due to a seagull strike in the engine. It smelled fishy, and I mean that literally. Everyone except me panicked. I was the only passenger who got on the next flight, the same aircraft.

One thing I learned at the CAA was how common near air tragedies are. I was repeatedly asked, "Were you just on flight so-and-so?", and then I'd need to lie, "No" to avoid being told how close to death I'd been.

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