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So much of this comes across like the question on a US immigration form 'Are you planning to come here and commit a terrorist offence? Tick yes or no'

I was behind a pensioner in a crowded, sweaty consulate who hadn't filled out her visa application.

The poor guy had to shout the questions to her, and they became amusing.

"Have you or any of your relatives ever been a member of the Nazi party?"

"No son, my man John would never have tolerated that"

"Have you or any of your relatives ever been a member of the Communist party?"

"Well, John was a trade unionist for the miners, and he was a Communist, but he died twenty years ago. People would come to our cottage for help, and he'd talk to them, but I was never allowed to stay in the living room with them. I'm just wanting to visit my daughter"

To the great credit of late 1980s USA she was allowed in to visit her daughter.

The very best yes/no question I have ever been asked was when I was being tested for breast cancer by the NHS. The form asked, "Are you still having your periods? Y/N"

I get most people who have breast cancer are female, but it is deadlier in males and few males even know they can get it. That question was the nicest part of that day.

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