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London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones

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Re: Wow, blundering around like freshly castrated cattle.

Added to which pheasant shoots tend to take place in unpopulated areas, and are likely to be "driven" so that pellet fall can be guaranteed to be in a safe area.

Most of Gatwick is surrounded by fields, I'll wager that every single farmer has and uses a shotgun for controlling everything they class as vermin, and that causes no challenge. The argument for not shooting it down doesn't wash. The police will happily taser the mentally ill multiple times and accept the risk they might die, they undertake risky high speed car chases, they have (at last) started ramming moped robbers off their stolen having grounded all flights they should stop pissing around and bring the thing down by force.

If it is too high for a shotgun, then have a police marksman stick a 7.62mm round through it. If they can't pop a cap in the arse of a slow moving target against a light background then they should be handing back the firearms certification.

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