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when they introduce self-drive cars; you just know it will not end well for too many unfortunate people.

Let's try to keep some objectivity here. Autonomous cars are surely going to have accidents and are going to harm people and stuff. What is at issue isn't whether they sometimes harm people and property but whether they do less harm and damage than cars driven by people. Keep in mind that autonomous vehicles are not just a tool for getting drunks home safely when the pubs close. For the elderly, visually impaired, infirm and seriously ill., the benefits of reasonably safe autonomous vehicles seem very great.

There are companies -- Waymo(Google) for example -- that seem to be extremely conservative in their approach and which so far have a really good safety record. I don't know whether they can achieve acceptable levels of safety in all sorts of driving conditions. I doubt they know. Probably no one knows. But it's probably worth giving them a chance.

There are other companies -- Uber and Tesla come to mind -- that seem to me to have demonstrated sufficient disregard for reality and common sense that yanking their driving licenses permanently seems to me to be advisable. If/when they need vehicle autonomy, they can buy the technology from someone whose first priority is safety rather than profits.

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