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Would be a good way for some climate change group to get lots of publicity while 'saving the planet'.

Likely true, and arguably justifiable. I knew some Plane Stupid activists that did stupider and less effective things. Their justification is recreational tourist flights are destroying the climate. They invaded a taxiway and faced longer sentences than the five years facing this culprit.

The other most likely culprit is a local driven crazy by constant over-flights. One idiot near me launched fireworks at landing aircraft, and while again I do not approve of that at all as these tactics can distract a pilot and cause a crash, I do understand the motivation. When I was a kid sitting in my garden I would notice a flight going overhead every so often. Now every hour or so I notice the silence of an absence of flights.

Even more idiotic folk shine LASERs at flights. If this was a crazy person then they'd have strapped laser pens to their drones to maximise tabloid horror.

In truth there is negligible risk to aircraft from drones or lasers, but the negligible risk is potentially so dangerous it should be treated as attempted murder.

I love flying, but I don't fly for rational reasons. Flying for fun should be as socially unacceptable as drink driving for fun.

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