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in the event of a conflict, what's cheaper, a couple of missiles, or a couple dozen drones? This is just to take into account COST/EFFECT ratio, never mind other factors (deniability v. side effects to your own side when launching nukes, tradition (Russia is weak, relatively speaking, also on military side - to counterweight that, they have become brilliant at thinking "out of the box", and "out" means in ANY direction), etc. So drones v. airports is just one tiny vector (on top of obvious ones, like general FUD over social media, disrupting mobile networks, spreading disease, etc). Generally, what is required is disruption and delay in decision-making. A goal would be to win a (potential) conflict, without getting nuked in return. We like our comforts (brilliant weakness, to the Russians) and we're a democracy, of sorts (a brilliant weakness to the Russians). There must be loads of, CHEAP and creative ways to pressurise a comfy society into pressurizing its own government not to get involved in a non-conflict in some distant, obscure place, where people speak Russian anyway, nobody's getting slaghtered, at least not on tv, and all to avoid a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST is to do - nothing. Peace for our time, eh?

btw, I'm not saying Russians are behind those drones, in fact, they'd be the last ones to bring attention to this potential attact vector (which is pretty obvious anyway). The vector is there, but no government is going to admit it to their voters: sorry, there's nothing we can do about it, oh, and for the record, no magic zap guns, just carry on and pretend it's not a problem! And "Merry "festive / nativity fucking season greetings to you all!" And, of course, "happy brexit".

OK, time to collect my hard-earned roubles :(

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