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I feel more strongly on other products such as leccy or gas.

Then you'll be delighted with the CMA's success in getting the regulator to implement a price cap from mid January, one that will make most energy suppliers structurally unprofitable (even most of the Big 6). You may have noticed a steady stream of small suppliers going bust, that's because they mostly enter the market with a strategy of capturing customers with unfeasibly low prices....and several have found that is indeed unfeasible. The planned merger of SSE and npower has fallen apart, apparently because they can't make a viable case to equity investors.

Already the whiners are complaining that the price cap still isn't low enough because there are cheaper deals in the market, happily ignoring that most of those cheaper suppliers can't survive on those tariffs, and will need to raise them or go bust.

Meanwhile, the morons of government look to the private sector to innovate and to create government's fabled "low carbon economy", overlooking the fact that they are actively trying to make energy investment returns so low that they're not worth pursuing. In both energy, telecoms, and the other markets that the CMA have boldly intervened in, we should expect all manner of unfortunate and unintended consequences.

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