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I could say that (etc)

Well said, AC, well said.

For any piece of equipment in any field of endeavour, I can absolutely guarantee that if someone recommends it, someone else will immediately pipe up with "no serious etc etc etc" and end with a recommendation for a different piece of kit, usually one priced much higher than the one under discussion.

I once said something nice about a watch with a compass, barometer and altimeter function, and was immediately excoriated by someone who told me I was taking my life in my hands and - coincidentally - would be much better off using a Suunto unit.

The following facts had not permeated his brain:

a) The Suunto unit was four times the already high cost of the watch I was being nice about.

2) I said that the compass was good enough for casual hill-walking and figuring out if you were turned around in a confusing American grid-based city but would be best not used to navigate around the world in a bathtub

#) I also said that the barometer was good for telling if you needed a raincoat but needed an appreciation of how such devices work

*) I also said the altimeter was OK for anything where the speed of change was limited by walking pace and therefore unsuitable for skydiving or landing that 747 when the pilot is dead and the instruments smashed by a collision with a comet

Musicians are the worst at this. A request for an affordable "starter" guitar recommendation on a forum will garner replies opining that nothing but a top of the line (insert guitar manufacturer choice) will suffice. If you want a giggle, find a concertina forum and look at the "suggestions" for beginners that talk about buying at auction and having an expert reconstruction job done on Victorian-era antiques.

All this talk of dive computers killing people. As I say to those who insist that they cannot turn off their work cellphone: Makes you wonder how we did it before that device was invented, dunnit?

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