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They say software will eat the world. Here are some software bugs that took a stab at it



Maybe automatic code inspection is improving code quality, but excessive reliance on microservices and the diminished role of software architects is leading to a growth of complexity in the service interactions and the gradual loss of the big picture.

I've seen people years ago promising that Object Oriented would have solved spaghetti code and the same people claiming few years later that the problem was spaghetti architecture, the solution they said was SOA. In the meantime the same mantra was developing for EAI and few years later all the talks were about ESB and Common Data models. Then everything ended up being labeled as spaghetti architecture and the solution became microservices.

Soon people will realize that microservices are so much self contained that no developer cares to evaluate the bigger picture and the architectures are slowly turning again into spaghetti with or without code inspection.

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