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simple and usable - yeah I like those things. Good for 'first principles"

from article: "High-level languages with automatic memory management and no direct use of pointers, such as Java, first released in 1996, have made it easier for developers to avoid some errors."

while at the same time, creating INEFFICIENCY and BLOAT. And solving LITTLE. See icon.

A bit of self-discipline and specific "look for that" reviews of the code, by people who didn't write the thing, might be in order instead of resorting to 'garbage collection' memory "management".

I doubt you'll EVAR see things _like_ OpenSSL coded with a computer lingo that employees "garbage collection". But if that happens, I think it'll be forked by SANE developers who understand the implications and unintended consequences of resorting to 'garbage collection' memory management.

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