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" I don't need someone to store my address on my computer in a format that only works with their site. I can use one of the many browser add-ons for automatic filling of forms should I get tired of entering my address"

They don't store your address, they use you postcode and house number to automatically show your address so it 1) makes for filling quicker and easier 2) keeps data sane within your end DB. Your automatic form filler needs to work specifically with 'my' site. Having been faced with trying to do an address cleanse on a database that had manual form fields was a complete PITA and cost a lot of money.

Not many people complain about house number/postcode lookup if done properly and I find filling in individual address fields awkward.

" I also don't need overactive warnings every time I already know that, that tell me that my phone number is not a valid number because I haven't finished typing it yet or that a person can't live at an address where the country says "please select"."

You're just describing a poorly written system. Any dev can do horrible UX with front end or back end code. However do you truly love a form that has to completely reloads the page to validate your input with the red warning then a scroll to the invalid entry which you resubmit only to find there is another invalid entry etc?

Most* people want to be told as soon as they leave or go to leave the field - once again if done properly!

"person can't live at an address where the country says "please select""

Once again see the note about things being done badly.

A good example is comparison insurance sites. If you use them, compare them to 5 years ago. They had page after page after page of information that needed filling with constant blockers because the page was incorrectly filled in. Nowadays some of them have brilliant use of client-side scripting to ensure valid input immediately, only ask relevant questions to your application, allow real time adjustments to quotes, have data being returned on the fly etc.

We don't want to go back to a world of Flash because that was the only way to get client side interactivity.

Even this site - Isn't it much nicer now the up/down selectors are client side rather than having to submit the page when you clicked on them?

*Yes most - I've done extensive user testing on sites before now to identify the key things that visitors wanted from an ecommerce site and gained extensive stats about what worked and what didn't. One of the biggest battles I had was removing the stupid 'retype your email address' box that everyone was using at the time - you almost never see that any more.

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