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I would hardly call front-end devs "the cool kids", nowadays they are just devs, nothing cool about it.

Also the idea that client-side javascript is some form of easy way of doing exactly the same as server side javascript is ridiculous. Sure there is laziness (efficiencies) in using libraries that could utilise server-side coding but I would love to see your conversation with your dev team or agency for a significant modern ecommerce website where you stipulated no client side code can be used but the results must be easy to use, have a great user experience and the sort of modern functionality that consumer require. I doubt there would be an agency who would take on the brief and you dev team would resign.

For better or worse, client side code and client side libraries are here to stay in modern web dev for any significantly sized modern website with interactivity and e-commerce. However that doesn't stop devs & marketing having decent training about the security implications of their decisions and making sure that useful risk assessments are done.

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