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Java f'in script !

There are many things to embrace and admire about technological developments in the previous few decades.

Javascript is regrettably not one of them.

What happened to the good old days of server-side rendering ?

Since when have the cool kids (front-end devs) been allowed to rule the roost and be allowed to bloat websites with thousands of lines of javascript that do nothing more than outsource the work the server should be doing ?

Sure, maybe if you're doing stuff that needs to be "live", for example streaming share prices, Javascript might be a perfectly acceptable solution to the problem.

But stuff like payment pages on websites ? That should be good old-fashioned server-side.

Reminds me of the old saying "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" ... perhaps we could adapt that for the 21st century "if all you have is Javascript, everything you code looks like a use for it".

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