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I'd love El Reg to show the country code of posters.

I fear that won't help you much in my case as I travel a lot :)

Me is also no Englisch Nasjional but it's not that noticeable when I speak*, I just have the occasional glitch in my written use of English. That said, I never sell myself as a native, irrespective of the language I am speaking (I speaketh several, and I assume probably all of them badly :) ).

That said, my sense of humour is finely attuned to the darker British variant, having grown up on a diet of Fawlty Towers, a bit of Fry & Laurie, Monty Python, Not the Nine O'clock News and Rowan Atkinson's later episodes of Black Adder, and I have no problem with understanding the full content of the earliest Cambridge Footlights (The Letter and the chess game being my favourites), and, despite being exposed to the German language I still Do Not Use Capitals Inappropriately (it would only be for nouns anyway, but just the sheer wear on the shift key would annoy me).

It also means I am a tad more relaxed about mizspelt words as long as they don't deliberately seek to obscure meaning, I am with Stephen Fry on this..

So, you can have your flags, but it may tweak any prejudices exactly the wrong way. Which, I may add, could actually amuse me :).

* I am in awe of people who can mimic manners of speech and accents, a skill I do not possess.

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