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The type of killing, great grandpa used to make.

That depends who is grandpa. AI is not by any means the first attempt at Cold and Methodical.

I can speak for myself - Mine died in the skies above Europe fighting the ones who were on the side of the "Cold and Methodical". Prior to that he fought them over Spain too.

My wive's grandpa died on the ground when the "Cold and Methodical" decided that some "obscure Balkan untermench" with no combat experience armed with mix of surplus, leftovers and museum exhibits from both allies and axis" will be a pushover. To be more specific he was one of the ones who stopped the "Cold and Methodical" group E from that event.

Yeah, I know unpopular activities - standing your ground against Cold and Methodical in this day and age. We are now supposed to cheer the cold and methodical(*).

Our grandparents are probably spinning in their graves at 10k RPM...

So frankly, we have been here before. Trusting the business of terminating people to Cold and Methodical is something we all know. We know where it ends up. It is a lucky day that it will end up with only 40M graves mark the success of people against Cold and Methodical. So frankly, this should be human business. No "Cold and Methodical". AI or not.

(*) If you are wondering about the link - see the non-regulation insignia on the 3rd paratrooper first line counting right to left. Compare to the "Cold and Methodical".

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