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If they get asked to assist or ordered to put in a back door, its up to their corporate ethics. Either they comply or fight it.

As a user, the only thing you can do to mitigate an issue, is freeze your development environment, or move it onto some virtualization infrastructure that is protected.

FooCrypt has several distribution models, one being an ISO, which is impossible to backdoor..!

The common flaws in ALL encryption technologies to date are :

1. Typing on a KeyBoard to enter the password

2. Clicking on the Mouse / Pointer device that controls the location of the cursor

3. Some person or device looking / recording your screen as you type the password

4. The human developing a password that is easily guess, or can be brute forced due to its length

5. Sharing the password with a third party to decrypt the data

6. Storing the encrypted data in a secure location so no unauthorised access can be made to either the key(s) to decrypt the data or the encrypted data itself

7. The Right Wing Policies of the Liberal Party of Australia, being forced into law so they can all make it to the xmas party…!

FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption, takes away the above ‘BAD GUYS’ by providing you with software engineered to alleviate all the above.

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