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@ian michael gumy - "Schiff will bury this"

Sorry, wishful thinking on your part. The house republicans made an absolute joke of their constitutionally required oversight rule, by not asking any tough questions, making anyone who would provide uncomfortable answers testify behind closed doors, not issuing any subpeonas, and accepting a laughable standard of "executive privilege" that - had Clinton tried it during the Benghazi hearings - would have caused Sean Hannity's head to explode!

There will be REAL oversight in less than a month, and between that and Mueller's probe connecting him with his first (of no doubt many) felonies, he knows it is just a matter of time before he does the following:

1) his own version of the 'Saturday night massacre' firing Mueller, Rosenstein, and the entire SDNY office, and ordering all evidence collected by Mueller and the SDNY destroyed

2) pardons himself and his family for all crimes ever committed in their entire lives, because it is the things that he did before he ran that the SDNY is now investigating are starting to worry him more than the things he did during his campaign

3) resigns, claiming "I've done everything I set out to do as president so its time to get back to the business world"

4) a few years from now is convicted of tax evasion and other crimes by the state of NY, but no doubt he'll skate by like most white collar criminals and be given probation instead of the jail time he deserves due to his age and the desire to avoid a political firestorm

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