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Please read the original blog to learn the truth

My name is John Burg and as one of the three authors of the MERL Tech blog (link pasted at the bottom of this comment) about blockchain and learning agendas I am greatly dismayed that our message has been so drastically distorted. Our purpose was to share one of several approaches to mitigating knowledge gaps during the design phase of development efforts, specifically related to monitoring and evaluation, which was technology neutral. It just so happens that interest in blockchain among our peers pointed us to look at that particular technology. We did not debunk anything, nor was our goal to debunk anything. And, this blog is not affiliated to any organization, and was simply our experiences as we sought to learn more and share our learning in our personal time.

I would encourage everyone to go read the entire blog for themselves, including the string of comments where I have attempted to set the record straight on the purpose and message of the blog.

Thank you,


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