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I challenge you to find a list of all climate researchers, of which there must be at least 1000 on it and indicate those who are "persuaded" and the one or more who has not been "persuaded".

Also climatology is no longer a science, it is a belief system. In any scientific field you can question any conclusion without being called a denier!

Whilst most of us agree the climate is changing, as there is sufficient evidence for that, some of us would like to question how you can prove that the majority of that change is caused by mankind.

Once convinced, some of us would like to see what the optimal solutions might be i.e. work with it, or work against it.

At the moment the panic reaction is to call everyone who uses fossil fuels evil and tax the blazes out of the poor while providing eye-watering subsidies to the wealthy (e.g. solar panel subsidies that could only be afforded by the relatively wealthy).

Of course anyone on the IPCC jetting all over the world to exotic locations for a chat are clearly exempt!

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