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"1/. Is carbon dioxide really affecting climate significantly?"

That hasnt been in any scientific doubt whatsoever for at least 2 decades now.

"2/. If it is, is the cost of reducing it greater than dealing with the cost of climate change?"

The models show it is much cheaper to do something about it than to experience it.

"3/. If it is, zero carbon nuclear power is already cheaper than windmills "

Nope - nuclear power is way more expensive than renewables.

3/(sic). Adding storage to renewable energy simply adds more cost.

That cost is offset becaise because you need less non renewable and less peak generating capacity if you can store energy.

"The answer is of course that governments - and the EU especially - are not actually interested in lowering CO2 emissions."

Well they are doing quite well at it compared to most of the rest of the planet.

"Presumably they know that CO2 does not affect the climate unduly."

I doubt that they dispute science that is not doubted by a single recognised scientific institution on the planet. You would have to be a moron on the level of Trump to think that.

"Germany STILL has more hydro and nuclear power running than the UK - in the highest CO2 emissions of any country in Europe"

Germany is on 36% renewables and about 12% nuclear (The UK figures are ~ 30% and 15%). However Germany generates about 40% of it's electricity from coal - with corresponding high CO2 emissions.

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