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"....If your company sells any (proscribed) tech, that has passed through American hands at any point in its development, to a customer with links to a country on's "Banned!" list, then you are going to get a can of Uncle Sam's Legal Whoop-Ass opened up for you...."


I get that too, soooo as a Canadian, I write software and design all sorts of hardware that USES NO U.S. Components at all !!!! While that has more to do with me being Anal Retentive in wanting to do ALL the writing, designing and building MYSELF for personal satisfaction and quality control reasons, I also do that so as to AVOID ANY ISSUE of Non-Canadian sourced components and software.

So I can make my own satellites, spaceplanes, autonomous robots, A.I software, encryption software and open source it FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE .... and there is NOT A DAMN THING THE USA can do about it since It was "ME!" who was the one who ENTIRELY built and designed it, right down to machining my own nuts and bolts on my custom self-built CNC/3D printers and even making custom resistors, capacitors, power supplies, DSP's/CPU's/GPU's fully MADE IN CANADA FROM CANADIAN MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT ... Even the assemblers, compilers and OS'es and Design Software are made in Canada! I know that's more than just a bit crazy...but that's just my Squeezed Sphincters talking because I HAPPEN TO LIKE doing things all by myself with ALMOST NO HELP from anyone else!

Not many people have that sort of time, talent and resources available to do that, BUT since I do...well...I DO THAT! MOSTLY FOR FUN TOO !!!

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