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"....the CFO of a US company is liable for breaking Chinese laws and he should be arrested no matter where outside Chinese territory ? Is this what you want to imply ? I'm afraid in this case high ranking executives from Google, Facebook and others should be very afraid when going outside US territory...."


Actually that IS VERY TRUE!!! If a U.S. Company such as Google has it's Chinese operations commit an equivalent Felony in China, then GOOGLE's US executive personnel ARE ABLE TO BE ARRESTED and extradited to China to face Chinese Law for crimes committed IN China! Executive are responsible for the behaviour of their employees and those executives have a FIDUCIARY DUTY to keep and abide by the laws of the countries they operate in!

Ergo, YES I do see Google, GM and OTHER American company executives VERY SOON NOW being ARRESTED and detained/imprisoned for VERY LONG PERIODS of time IN CHINA for "Crimes" allegedly committed on Chinese soil and/or territories!

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