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Hiya Imbalone,

My point was US sanctions should only apply to US citizens and US corporations and US banks. The US Government should not be able to arrest a Chinese citizen in Canada for breaking US sanctions on Iran.

Nobody elected the US President as President of the Earth.

This is over-reach. This is imperial. It is very similar to the Assange case in those terms. I am not a fan of dictatorial China, but I would not be upset if they arrested every US citizen in China on trumped up charges - if they did then what would your complaint be?

We have various international bodies, like the UN, ICC, IJC, to deal with international issues. Canada has shamed itself with this arrest.

US courts have no jurisdiction outside the US. We should stop kowtowing to them. I'm not anti-American, I just think I am the equal of any US citizen - and I am much, much better than their current politicians and judiciary.

Eff them.

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