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Too many and inconsistent

TLD: Each ISO country, region and trading block, plus one for international (to replace com, gov, info, net, org etc, maybe www) and one for intergovernmental organisations, including the UN.

Then between the rented or purchased domain and TLD, have:

org, gov, edu, co (also com as alias), info (also inf is alias), news, well (alias health and Care)

The edu and news regulated by the country's regulators for Education and Media.

Also the equivalent of all those intermediate qualification of TLD in all languages would be free aliases.

You should be able to rent or buy the 3rd level of the domain. There should be a special arbitration for reuse of expired domains or desirable ones.

Country domains only available if you have an address in the country.

If commercial seller and using the International domain, you must supply world wide.


Perhaps stupid and impractical. However the present system was bad and is now worse with proliferation of TLDs which is just ICANN and Registrar greed.

ICANN and stuff like IP allocation needs to be under ITU, though it needs reforms, at least it's not controlled by one country and totally bonkers as well as greedy.

Also no organisation other than an ISP / Mobile provider should have more than 10,000 IPs. The situation with many US companies and Universities and some Governments is crazy greed. Hundreds of Millions of IPs or more, unfairly allocated.

Mines the one with rule books in the pockets.

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