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Tech support discovers users who buy the 'sh*ttest PCs known to Man' struggle with basics

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Because I removed viri from computers in a hell desk, for a short period, I had complete n00bs on the line, who were offered to follow instructions on the web for free or would pay for hand-hold.

I start saying: Fomr now on, you do exactly as I request, after each step I will ask you what you see on screen.

1. Can you see the space bar on your keyboard, to the left of that is the Alt key, Ok, to the left of that is a key with a flag, hit that one please and tell me what you see.

2. ...

I still do that with my sister, she passed a computing course decades ago but has a mental health condition, she used to be able to author html and JavaScript, all gone, cannot even find a file she downloaded, I have told her 100 times ... hold the Ctrl key and hit J. She still remembers ctrl+c/v, but that is about it ... sooooo sad.

I sometimes lose my temper ... especially after going through a procedure five times in a row and she still forgets halfway through ,.... she was supposed to have written it down ...

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