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"Like the hire car I had a couple of weeks ago [...]"

Our company insisted we could only drive directly from A to B in a hire car. So there was no chance to have any practice in it - even though the make and model that was delivered was totally unpredictable.

One morning I left the office and entered the nearby motorway. After a short distance it started to rain - and the screen smeared. I pulled back on the column "wiper" stalk to get a washer jet and nothing happened. I had to glance down at the dashboard to identify the marked knob that had that function. As I looked up a lorry had come down a slip road and changed lanes into my "safe" space. He had then stood on his brakes as he saw that the traffic ahead was stopped.

The company said the hire car models were outside their control - and it was the company insurance which forbade anything other than the shortest A-B route. So from then on I used the trains and taxis. It turned out to be a very comfortable decision.

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